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Transportation Services

We provide safe and reliable transport for your trip around Cusco, Sacred Valley, and Ollantaytambo! 

These are not tours, it is a “vehicle + driver + gas” service. All prices are total, NOT per person, so you can divide the cost among your party, it is much cheaper that way! You choose your start point, end point, desired stops, and pickup time, and we provide the car. Available 6am until 6pm. All costs are based simply on the total time spent with the car and driver. 

Direct service between anywhere in Cusco and anywhere in Ollantaytambo, in either direction, is $65 in a taxi or $94 in a minivan (up to 8 people).


Up to 4.5 hours, is $94 (taxi) /$109 (van);

Up to 6 hours is $109/$129;

and Up to 8 hours is $129/$149

Three people can comfortably fit inside a taxi (one up front, two in the back seat). Four people can also enter a taxi, but three people in the back seat of a taxi can get pretty crowded and affect the comfort of the journey (four people with luggage will not fit in a taxi). More than four people will need a minivan.

All prices include a modern car or minivan and an experienced, trusted driver who will watch your belongings if needed and provide door-to-door service.

Our Recommendations

These predesigned packets include all the must-see spots for your next trip to Peru! 


Full Day 

Hit our top 5 places to see in Ollantaytambo all in one day! A day packed full of stoke to say the least.



3/4 Day

Salt Mines, Moray and Chincheros

Venture through some natural and ancient Incan wonders of Peru.

moray peru_edited.jpg


Half Day

Our go-to adventure for a half day near the Sacred Valley!



3/4 Day

Explore the ancient Incan ruins and unique street market of Pisac, Peru.



Direct transportation

Looking for a safe reliable form of transportation when you make it to Cusco? We have your back. 

ollantaytambo peru_edited.jpg


Half Day

Pisac is famous for Sunday markets, when locals come together to sell and buy produce, crafts and other supplies in the town's central square.

peru market2.jpg
See this map to get a good idea of the basic layout of the Sacred Valley.  
Ollantaytambo Peru map

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TripAdvisor Top Rated Peru Trips
Voted by travelers as the #1 outdoor activity in Ollantaytambo, Peru (the gateway city to Machu Picchu).

Entering our 20th year as the first and oldest adventure tour company in this incredible historic Incan village, we are always keeping it fresh with new authentic and cultural experiences.
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