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Basket Weaving

Basket Weave with a Peruvian Family

Difficulty: Easy
3-5 hours
Guide, transportation,
and lunch included

Step into the heart of Peru and join a local family for a unique and unforgettable basket-weaving experience. Our artisan experts, who have perfected their craft over generations, will guide you through the intricate techniques of traditional basket weaving.

Spend quality time with the family, learning about their rich cultural heritage and everyday life in Peru. Hear their personal stories and traditions, and build meaningful connections that transcend language and cultural barriers.

This basket-weaving experience is more than just a workshop—it's a chance to slow down, relax, and fully immerse yourself in the tranquility and warmth of rural Peruvian life. Perfect for travelers seeking a day of creativity, connection, and culinary delight. You will begin the journey with a forty-minute drive up Patacancha Valley- it is stunning! 

You will spend the morning getting hands-on experience as you weave your own beautiful basket under the careful instruction of skilled artisans. Discover the stories behind each pattern and technique, passed down through generations, and gain a deeper appreciation for this timeless craft.

No adventure is complete without savoring the local flavors. After a morning of weaving, sit down with the family for a delicious, home-cooked lunch featuring traditional Peruvian dishes. Experience the rich, vibrant tastes of native cuisine, prepared with love and care.

Pricing per person (based on your group size):

2-3 ppl

4-5 ppl

6-7 ppl

8+ ppl

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