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Moray is a very interesting Incan archaeological site.  It is comprised of 3 principal parts, each being a series of large, coencentric circles of a very large scale  (Those are people in the bottom center circle of the above photo).  It is known that crops were grown here, and most guides and books suggest it was an experimental laboratory used by the Incas to simulate different altitudes due to the supposed temperature difference between the rings.

Others, like ourselves for example, believe it was more likely a ceremonial site where crops were grown but more likely maiz (corn) for the chicha corn beer of the ruling class.  We think there was probably more than a few full moon parties here, but in any event it is a wonderful place to visit.  It takes about two hours to walk through it.  There is a ten sole charge to enter, or it is included on the Boleto Turistico (Tourist Ticket).  There currently is no public transport going there, you pretty much have to get a taxi or get on a tour.  See the map below for a better understanding of the layout.

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