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10 Packing Essentials for Your Next Trip to Peru

Updated: Jan 31

First, the basics: As a general rule, most things are available for purchase in Peru but nearly all of them are locally made and of poorer quality than what you may be used to. Thus, you should bring your own sunglasses, sunscreen (high SPF), insect repellent, all medicines, contact lens solution, camera, extra memory, battery charger, trekking and biking clothes, personal items, etc. Basic medical supplies can be purchased in Ollantaytambo and elsewhere, but their quality cannot always be relied upon. Basic supplies like bandaids are easy enough to find, but You should definitely bring all medicines that you take or may need to take, such as ibuprofen, anti diahrreal medicines, etc.

Peru uses 220v electric system, so check your electronic’s instructions for converters and electric recommendations. KB Tambo hotel uses 220v electricity as provided by the town. We use the safest system possible but as Peru is a developing country with basic resources, anything can happen. For this reason we cannot guarantee the safety of your electronic devices. We do know that anything that makes heat, such as hair dryers, coffee makers, or hot pots, will likely be fried by Peru’s electricity system. We have not had a problem to date with laptops, tablets, phones, etc but you should check with your manufacturer about their recommendations, options for converters and protectors, etc. We can not guarantee the safety of your device as it is out of our control and all use is explicitly at your own risk. We have never had a theft problem in any of our rooms, if you have any expensive items we can guarantee their safety but you must leave them at the front desk when leaving the hotel. The same would apply when staying in Aguas Calientes or Cusco.

kbtambo packing list for peru machu picchu

From mid-May to late September, it very rarely rains. Your tour is highly likely to be sunny and dry, and very cold at night Night temperatures are in the 40’s but feel twenty degrees colder than that due to the high altitude and moist air. Daytime temperatures are in the 70’s but feel ten degrees warmer than that due to the intense high altitude sun. Nights are very cold, bring a down jacket, stocking hat and warm gloves. Lots of extra socks and underwear is always a good idea.

From September to May it rains frequently. We of course cannot predict the exact weather for your trip, but if you are traveling here during these months you can expect rain. From November to April it is virtually guaranteed. Your best protection is a high quality rain jacket and wide brimmed hat. However, the periods of rain are often only sporadic, and in between there is lots of sunshine. Daytime temperatures are in the 60s, night times in the 50s.

Due to both sunburn risk as well as insect bites and possible falls, whether you are mountain biking or trekking or hiking, we recommend long, light weight pants and long sleeve, lightweight and breathable shirt. For shoes, we recommend just one pair of sturdy walking/hiking shoes. (Boots not necessary). You can wear these the entire time, whether you are hiking or biking or going out to dinner. Or if you have other personal preferences, that is fine too.

In conclusion, we recommend bringing:

  1. Sunglasses

  2. Sun/rain hat

  3. Rain jacket

  4. Sunscreen (high SPF)

  5. Lightweight, thin, breathable long sleeve shirts for hiking and biking, 1 to 3 depending on personal preference

  6. Medicines

  7. Lightweight, thin, pants for hiking and biking

  8. Fleece jacket

  9. Waterproof daypack

  10. Refillable water bottle

  11. Camera (of course!!)

peru mountain biking tour kb tambo

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