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Our Story

​In 2002, a workaholic Minnesotan salesperson went on a short trip to Machu Picchu, Peru with a friend. Stopping in a tiny, dusty town called Ollantaytambo on the way back, he quickly fell in love with the area’s mountains, culture, people, and astonishing way of life.


He picked up his life and moved to Peru, creating KB Tambo, a small hostal and adventure travel business. “Tambo” means rest house, in the Incan language of Quechua. 

We loved the travelers. We loved new sights. We tried hard.  We.. cared. And so, we grew. And grew. Gaining unexpected accolades and attention along the way, doing travel the only way we knew how.

We’re big, but we’re small. The small core group of staff manages each trip from beginning to end; we don’t pawn you off on just anyone. Our owner still answers or oversees every email, and still guides many of our small group trips. We never lost touch – and we never will.

We still have the exact same philosophy as when we started: Helping people get the most out of their limited time and budget. We organize rad trips – either private, or in small groups – and excel at the boring logistics that ultimately play a huge role in your trip’s success.

We treat every client like they are our family and every trip as though it were our own. A simple formula for success. But don’t tell anyone, we’ll just keep that our little secret.

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