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Machu Picchu from every angle

Bike Patacancha & Eat Lunch with Locals

Difficulty: Easy/ Moderate
4-6 hrs
Guide, gear, shuttle,
and lunch included

Patacancha is the perfect experience for travelers looking for a nice mix of adventure and connection.


The mountainous terrain combined with the traditional Andean farms make for spectacular views, and our stop for lunch offers you the chance to meet and connect with one of the most welcoming and fascinating Peruvian families you'll ever encounter.

The trip leaves from Ollantaytambo at 9:00 am, where you will meet your guide and head out. The drive up the Patacancha Valley is stunning – Incan terracing, waterfalls, and traditional Andean farming practices make up the landscape as we ascend nearly 1000 meters. The communities along the valley are known for their traditional culture, ancient weaving, and lifestyle practices. This drive takes about forty minutes.

Upon arriving in Patacancha, we will begin unloading the bikes while you have time to look around this quaint village. We will stop part-way through our adventure to eat a home-cooked meal at a Peruvian family's house and learn more about their rich culture. As you share this meal, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and hear firsthand about their lifestyle, traditions, and stories, making this a truly enriching and memorable experience.


After lunch, we will gear up for a thrilling downhill mountain bike ride through the Patacancha valley, back to Ollantaytambo. Along the way down, we will have plenty of time and opportunity to rest, take photos, visit a secluded waterfall, and see several Incan ruins.

Pricing per person (based on your group size):

2-3 ppl

4-5 ppl

6-7 ppl

8+ ppl

Basket-weaving add-on: $65 ea.

The valley is known for its traditional culture and ancient weaving practices! This basket-weaving experience will add 1-2 hours to your adventure. 

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